the beginning


On July 8, 1993, in Paris was held the First Annual WiN Meeting, which connects ideas with action. The meeting is attended by 100 women, including Radelina Tranteeva from “Kozloduy” NPP.

The Chairman of the Information Committee of the European Nuclear Society, Mr. Juhani Santaholma, was elected an honorary member of WiN for his active support and assistance when founding the organization.

WiN Bulgaria

On June 10, 1993, at the Constituent Assembly, held in Kozloduy NPP Information Center, women- power engineers from NPP and women-power engineers from other institutions established a section to the Bulgarian Nuclear Society and joined WiN Global.

The newly established women’s nuclear lobby sets itself the aim of promoting the truth concerning nuclear power plants and the application of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes by informing the public accurately, objectively, competently, and impartially about the problems in the field of nuclear energy.

Representatives of WIN BULGARIA participated in the Annual Conference of WIN GLOBAL in 1995 in Sweden


The Women’s Nuclear lobby is renamed at Association – WiN Bulgaria to the Bulgarian Nuclear Society (BgNS), which includes women working in the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Energy Committee, Energoproekt, the Commission on the Use of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes, Kozloduy NPP.


The Recreational Complex “Ledenika” hosts an International Conference, organized on the initiative of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), hosted by Kozloduy NPP, at which Agneta Rising – President of WiN Global praises the activities of WiN Bulgaria. At this meeting, Mrs. Tatiana Staneva acting as Chief operator at this time was nominated in the annual selection for “Woman with a significant contribution to the nuclear field”.


At the Annual Conference of WiN-Bulgaria, held in Kozloduy, the participants declared their civil support for the continued operation of units 1 and 2 at Kozloduy NPP in an address to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Petar Stoyanov, the President of the National Assembly Yordan Sokolov, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Ivan Kostov and to the press center of BTA.

WiN-Bulgaria with an active civil position on current topics

Participation in press conferences at regional, district and national level;

Meeting with the Minister of Environment and water and adoption of a Program for joint work;

Evdokia Maneva – 2000;

Dolores Arsenova – 2002;

Participation in media programs:

BNT team-4 and radio station Horizont;

Meeting of women from the Danube cities – Silistra, Svishtov, Nikopol, Belene, Oryahovo, Lom, Vidin, Kozloduy.

President of the Republic of Bulgaria

The participants in the annual conference of the Bulgarian Association of the International Organization of women working in the field of nuclear energy and radiation protection of (WIN), held on October 26, 1999 in the town of Kozloduy, we declare our professional and civic support for continuing the operation of the units at “Kozloduy” NPP. As professionally engaged specialists in the field nuclear energy application for peaceful purposes, we are convinced of the high level of operation of our plant. For 25 years of operation, the radiation situation and the radiation protection of the staff and the population nearby the plant does not create distrust in the safety and working and living conditions. This opinion is strongly confirmed by the results of the IAEA expert missions and the experts of the Western European Supervisory Authorities. Against this background, the political pressure on Bulgaria seems inexplicable. Expressing our confidence, in the absence of technical and economic arguments against the operation of the units, we support the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria in its difficult task to protect the Bulgarian nuclear industry and its engineering potential – a team that has proven in practice how with consistent efforts, the difficult path of the implementation of European standards in Bulgaria can be walked. We are confident that by trusting Bulgarian specialists and international experts, we will work together to uphold the truth about “Kozloduy” NPP. At the same time, we insist on a clearer policy for the future of “Kozloduy” NPP and structural reforms in the energy sector, which is the basis for increased motivation and responsibility of staff and a condition for good psychological climate establishment – the most important prerequisite for safe operation.

Civil position

We, the women-experts in the nuclear field, declare categorically that there are no technical problems or such related to the safety of the Kozloduy NPP units, which would require their further decommissioning.


As President of the Republic of Bulgaria, for me the issues of nuclear safety are of highest priority.

Hence my unequivocal position that the issue of shutting down nuclear reactors should be resolved only by the competent expert bodies – CUAEPP and IAEA.

Our country has taken international legal commitments regarding our accession to the EU.

Declaration in defense
of units 3 and 4 of Kozloduy NPP

We, the women from WIN, working in the nuclear energy: scientists, university professors, managers and specialists – economists, engineers, technologists, sociologists and others, after being acquainted with the information provided by WIN-Bulgaria concerning the technical condition of units III – IV of “Kozloduy” NPP, the environmental and economic consequences of their closure, WE STRONGLY INSIST ON RESTORING THE OPERATION OF UNITS III AND IV OF KOZLODUY NPP.

We, the members of WIN, as proven professionals working in the nuclear field, and as women and mothers responsible for the future of our planet and our children, believe that our voice will be strong enough and our message – convincing enough to be heard by everyone, especially by policy-makers! So tomorrow we will not regret the decisions that are made today!


Association Women in Nuclear – Bulgaria

On September 24, 2007, a meeting was held for the foundation of Association “Women in Nuclear – Bulgaria”, which is a legal successor and continuer of the Association “WiN-Bulgaria”.


On January 10, 2008 in Vratsa District Court with Decision № 2360 a non-profit association was registered under the name: Association “Women in Nuclear – Bulgaria”

The association is entered in the Register of non-profit legal entities.

WiN Europe


Founding meeting of WiN Europe in Budapest


Establishment of WiN Europe in Brussels

WiN – Bulgaria


Tatyana Staneva


Daniela Manova


Katya Minkova


Radka Ivanova


Ilinka Zhivkova


Nadezhda Randelova


This is us – people with professional conviction in the benefits of nuclear energy and nuclear applications in human life.It is up to us to participate in writing the future history of “Women in the Nuclear”