Conference of the BNS, organised with the support of the European Nuclear Society ENS, Kozloduy NPP and BULATOM, took place from 4 to 7 November 2019 in the marvellous city of Ruse on the Danube river. The “Nuclear Energy for People” motto gathered for yet another time dozens of representatives of the scientific circles and the business from international and national institutions. Experts from the European Commission, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Macedonia, Canada and the Czech Republic, as well as five members of WiN Bulgaria – Ilinka Zhivkova, Krasimira Tsibranska, Nadezhda Randelova, Rusiyan Tsibranski, Emil Kichev, took an active part in the conference work. The presented papers covered topics from almost all the areas of nuclear energy: lifetime extension of nuclear facilities, radioecological monitoring, personal dosimetry, participation in inter-laboratory comparisons, small modular reactors, metrological provision of the individual dosimetric control, the role of the NPP’s investment programme for the plant’s development, implementation of severe accidents management guidelines, reactor-physics technologies, public relations, the new specialty at the Igor Kurchatov Nuclear Energy Vocational High School , town of Kozloduy – Radioactive waste management.
Six sessions were run separately in the course of the event – News and Survey, Management and Policies at NPP, Dosimetry, Posters, Applied and Experimental Activity in Nuclear, Operation and Decommissioning, with 24 presentations and 13 poster reports delivered during these sessions.
As a tradition has already been established, special attention was paid to the next generation of scientists and professionals, who dedicated themselves to the nuclear energy. They participated in a contest for the best report or poster, where the winners were distinguished through the combined assessment of an ad hoc scientific committee and the vote of the participants in the conference.
After the conference was closed, a visit to Sveta Marina University Hospital – city of Varna, was organised, with the purpose of getting familiar with one of the applications of nuclear technologies beyond energy, namely – the nuclear medicine clinic and the cyclotron complex.
The beautiful autumn shades of colour and the generous November sun contributed to the setting up of a creative atmosphere and positive mood.


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