On March 30 2021. а series of informal meetings on “Women in Energy” with an on-line conversation between women with […]
On the occasion of the patron’s holiday of Professional High School of Nuclear Energy Igor Kurchatov, Kozloduy 06 – 13.04.2021 […]
From April 6 to 13, 2021, Igor Kurchatov Vocational School of Nuclear Energy, Kozloduy, will celebrate its patron saint’s day. […]
The completely updated website of the Association of Women in the Nuclear Industry – www.win-bulgaria.org, is now on the Internet. […]
The women from WiN – Bulgaria, as well as our partners, sponsors and friends received beautiful and comfortable masks, accompanied […]
Dear Mrs. Zhivkova, Honorable members of the Management Board, I want to express, on my own behalf, my sincere gratitude […]
Conference of the BNS, organised with the support of the European Nuclear Society ENS, Kozloduy NPP and BULATOM, took place […]
The future of the technical thinking gathered, for the fourth consecutive year, young inventors from the whole country at a […]
The visit of Krasimir Valchev, Minister of Education and Science, in Kozloduy Municipality took place on 24 September 2019, at […]
 – a main priority in WiN Bulgaria’s activity On 01.08.2019 a working meeting was held at the Power Engineers’ Cultural […]
For yet another year, from 15 to 19 July, in the pretty village of Gorno Peshtene, near Vratsa, a course […]
Every year, on the third Saturday of June, in the town of Kozloduy – the nuclear capital of Bulgaria, the […]