On March 30 2021. а series of informal meetings on “Women in Energy” with an on-line conversation between women with engineering professions working at Kozloduy NPP and a Beloyarska NPP, Russia is launched. The purpose of these meetings is in casual talks to discuss themes related to the role of women in energy and their skills to cope in different situations, the participants share how they manage to combine work and family life. The event conducted with the active coordination of women’s associations in the nuclear industry – WiN, Bulgaria and Russia, was organized by a team of PR company Icona communications, whose representative Nina Mircheva was also a moderator of the event.


They participated in presentations and abstracts: from Kozloduy NPP – Stilyana Mladenova, Head of Nuclear Safety and Albena Roshkova, a senior reactor operator; by the Beloyarska NPP – Svetlana Chesnova, Engineer-Radiochemistry in the Radiation Safety Department and Ekaterina Kvachova and from the Professional High School of Nuclear Energy “Igor Kurchatov” in Kozloduy Snezhina Tsvetanova, Director. There were on-line, about 35 people  – members of WiN Bulgaria and WiN Russia, journalists, public that were also very active in the participation,.


The two nuclear power plants were presented and the “audience” learned that:

P The Beloyarska NPP is the only one in the world who works with rapid neutron reactors. Its technology is considered to be the future of nuclear energy as it provides a high percentage of safety and reliability and is much more environmentally friendly and economical. At this stage, the plant has two operating reactors – the BN-600 and the BN-800. About 30% of her employees are women, most of them specialized staff.


P Kozloduy NPP is undoubtedly a major factor for Bulgaria’s energy security, has provided for decades over 40% of electricity production in the country. Stilyana Mladenova noted: “The entire team of the plant is dedicated to the target through its safe power generation to continue to strengthen its key role in national energy, to ensure stability of the national energy system, to save harmful emissions and to assert the prestigious place it is among the nuclear power plants in the world.”

It was emphasized on the large number of women working in the NPP, a significant part of which are on responsible and managerial positions. All of them with their professionalism and responsibility contribute to the numerous successes and the high authority of Bulgarian nuclear power.


P The Professional High School of Nuclear Energy “Igor Kurchatov” in Kozloduy, which will celebrate his cartridge holiday on April 6 develops good practices between school, production and business in the face of Kozloduy NPP and RAW. They are the foundation of dual education and training, which in turn opens to high school students with new opportunities and prospects and increases their interest in engineering specialties.

Questions from the “audience” was asked and a new on-line meeting of women’s from Danube countries with nuclear power plants was proposed, which was accepted with enthusiasm.

Finally, all participants and “audience” unanimously summarised that despite the difficulties in the male world of energy, the interest among women in realization in the nuclear industry is increasing and such meetings would contribute to this, as well as to promote the ideas of nuclear energy and increase the interest and motivation of the younger generation for career development in the nuclear field.


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