– a main priority in WiN Bulgaria’s activity

On 01.08.2019 a working meeting was held at the Power Engineers’ Cultural Centre, dedicated to the provision of specialists for nuclear energy by the vocational school and high schools in Bulgaria. Representatives of WiN Bulgaria took part in the meeting, together with senior managers and experts from the Ministry of Education and Culture, representatives of the Regional Inspectorates of MEC in Vratsa and Pleven, Kozloduy Municipality, Igor Kurchatov Vocational High School of Nuclear Energy – town of Kozloduy, Marie Curie Vocational High School of Nuclear Energy – town of Belene, Vocational High School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering – town of Pleven, the Technical universities of Sofia, Gabrovo and Ruse, the College of Energy and Electronics, the Electromobiles Industrial Cluster, Kozloduy NPP – New Build EAD, Bulgarian Nuclear Society, Nuclear Regulatory Agency.

All attendees gathered around the perception that providing the industry with the needed staff is of priority importance. The main initiatives, targeted mainly at the young people, were highlighted, namely: providing scholarships for achieved high grades in certain specialities, carrying out paid summer internships, signing employment contracts after graduation, providing homes to young specialists and their families in the town of Kozloduy. Actions cannot be postponed in time because it is expected to have more than 780 employees of the nuclear power plant retired over the next 5 years.

The focus was laid on encouraging students’ interest in technical sciences (STEM – Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics).


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