Every year, on the third Saturday of June, in the town of Kozloduy – the nuclear capital of Bulgaria, the Power Engineers’ Day is officially celebrated. This year the day was 22 June – Saturday. Splendid, sunny weather, exuberant participants, in high spirits, and prizes won after a challenging voting on Kozloduy NPP intranet orchestrated the setting of this year festive celebration, where generations of power engineers meet, to preserve and strengthen the continuity in this fundamental profession – power engineer.

Mr. Nasko Mihov, the NPP CEO, conferred prizes and certificates of commendation to prominent professionals, who merited the Best Performance award in various professional fields. Three ladies – members of WiN-Bulgaria, were among the prize winners.

The Honoured Power Engineer of the Year prize, for an overall contribution to the nuclear energy, was awarded to the honorary chair of WiN-Bulgaria, Katya Minkova1.

Rozina Rusinova2 was awarded with a certificate of commendation and a Woman Power 2019 statuette, for her sustainable contribution to the activity and development of WiN-Bulgaria.

Nadezhda Randelova3 was awarded a Woman-Professional prize for her work with young people in the realm of science.

The address from the Women in Nuclear Industry – Bulgaria Association to the power engineers states: “The experience and knowledge that have been accumulating every year of the operation of Kozloduy NPP facilities are a true national wealth and strong grounds for the country to pursue in developing its nuclear industry – proven to be the most-efficient world technology for clean energy.”

1Katya Minkova has graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Major in Water and Thermal Energy Process Engineer. She started to work for Kozloduy NPP EAD in 1981 as a Shift Supervisor at the Chemistry Department.  She has taken the positions of Chemical Engineer, Deputy Shift Supervisor in the Operations Department, Head of the Chemistry Department, Chemistry and Radiochemistry Chief Process Engineer, Head of  Common Plant Activities Engineering Support Department. As of March 2008 she has been Chief Process Engineer at the Engineering Support Division, Electricity Production-2.

2Rozina Rusinova has been a member of WiN-Bulgaria and WiN-Global for 15 years. Dedicating her heart, soul and high professionalism, she is keen to participate in the preparation and implementation of various WiN initiatives. She made a worthy representative of the Association at the WiN Global annual conference in 2009, in Washington. Rozina Rusinova has a 18-year professional experience in the field of public relations and information policy within Kozloduy NPP and SE RAW.

3Nadezhda Randelova is a Practical Training teacher at Igor Kurchatov Vocational High School of Nuclear Energy,  Kozloduy. In October 2018 she was selected, together with 40 other teachers from all over Bulgaria, to participate in the national programme for qualification of teachers in informatics and information technologies in CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. She is coordinator of the CERN project, wherewith Igor Kurchatov VHSNE hosted a CERN Master Class on 11.03.2019. The school was selected among 450 schools in Bulgaria, and Kozloduy was one of the 5 towns where similar event was held. Nadezhda was appointed as a form teacher of the newly set up profiled class in Radioactive Waste Management, with professional qualification Power Facilities and Installations Technician.


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